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Tristan Govignon is a multifaceted artist who works in varied media, styles, and techniques to achieve powerful two and three-dimensional artworks in bold color, expressive forms and geometric compositions. The artist’s hand and vision become evident in the multidisciplinary pieces on exhibition. His openness of style reflects his open mind and desire to explore all areas of his life through different trajectories.


Inspired by interactions with friends, daily life, and nature, the dynamic works become personal and dreamlike narratives that are full of movement, growth and vitality. They are born from introspection in what he finds to be the meditative yet energetic act of making art. Each painting, sculpture, or photograph contains an attractive and mysterious aura, which often suggest a deeper, more complex meaning or emotion. Each media speaks to one another through a visual language that transcends their form. For Govignon, these artworks are a record of his experience as an artist, reflecting the inventive and spontaneous process of creating art. This exhibition shares his creative journey.

Adam Adelson
Adelson Galleries Boston
September 2013