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I've known Andrew StevovIch’s work my whole life, so it is an honor to have his work in my inaugural gallery exhibition. The style of his work evokes the illusion that we are seeing the world through the artist’s eyes; yet, the subject matter acts as mirrors to our own experience. Andrew’s clean style and meticulous attention to composition puts the viewer in the place of a figure in the painting. I often assume that Andrew paints certain figures because he had felt a particular emotion; however, more often than not, I felt those emotions, and his paintings only reflected that emotion in me. Like many painters, Andrew paints from memories or dreams. Although the subjects that he depicts are particular moments in time, the subtle emotional qualities within each figure can be related to on a universal level. I am thankful to the staff of Adelson Galleries in New York for helping me with this first exhibition, and I am looking forward to seeing all of Andrew’s Games and Players together in Boston.


Adam Adelson